Minggu, 26 Januari 2014

moving on~~~

hai blogskiiii
i have a bad and a good news
what are u want to hear first? bad or good?
oke let's start with a bad news!
some people said that i wrote a bad things in here
some people said that i wrote my daily experience in a good way here
some people said that i was too close with this blog and write something that didn't good to be shared here
that's mean i'm not good writer, right?
this blog was made to be my "dump" so the content is also about my "rubbish"
but for some people it's annoying
hahhh i'm sorry for that

but the good news isss.......I HAVE A NEW BLOG! YEEYYY
i know blogskiii u've been with me for almost 6 years but i thing i need something new that reflect my maturity
maybe i need new blog that are no longer criticized by others like before cause the content in my new blog is about knowledge, good or motivating experience, quotes, and other good things

i'm so sorry blogskiii
i love u lots!
but i should be a wise person now
thanks for being my best ever for the 6 years that complicated

please kindly visit my new blog -> http://lailyinayah.blogspot.com/
happy reading guys

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